Device Protection Plan Information

As an integral component of the Leading Edge Academy’s 1:1 technology initiative, students issued school devices for home use are required to remit a $50 fee for the Device Protection Plan (DPP). The DPP serves to mitigate prospective costs related to the repair or replacement of school devices in case of damage.


Additionally, the DPP is available for optional purchase, even for students who are not required to bring school devices home. This option ensures coverage for potential damage costs that the school might levy in response to intentional or malicious harm inflicted upon devices by students at any given time.


Should a school device be stolen or lost while off-campus, it is imperative that parents or guardians file a police report within 48 hours and immediately inform the school office. In the event of device replacement, repurchasing the Device Protection Plan (DPP) for the $50 fee payment will be required. Recurring instances of device loss may result in the denial of future DPP coverage, and the student will be prohibited from taking any school devices home.


Refunds for the original DPP purchase will not be issued if a student departs Leading Edge Academy or upon graduation. Periodic inspections of devices may occur to ensure they remain in optimal working condition.


Students are prohibited from taking a school device home until the $50 DPP fee has been submitted to the school. Coverage under the DPP commences only after payment of the fee.


What is covered under the plan?

  • Accidental damage, such as cracked screens or cases, broken keyboards, etc. 
  • Battery replacement (if it is determined that the battery is malfunctioning)
  • Hardware issues (damaged screen, broken I/O ports, keyboard damage, etc)


A lost device and intentional damage to the device and/or power cord are NOT covered under the plan. 


Repair/Replacement Costs

Parents and students lacking coverage under the Device Protection Plan (DPP) may bear responsibility for repair expenses unless the repair or replacement cost is attributable to manufacturer defects or the device’s age.


In the event of damage to a student’s device, a temporary loaner device will be provided while the assigned device undergoes repair. Upon completion of the repair, the loaner device will be reclaimed. All device repairs must be conducted exclusively by a Leading Edge Academy technician. Unauthorized attempts or repairs performed by any individual other than an LEA technician on the device hardware will nullify DPP coverage, rendering you liable for all associated repair costs and potentially result in the denial of future DPP coverage, and the student will be prohibited from taking any school devices home.

DPP Pricing
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