COVID-19 Updates

Dear Leading Edge Academy Families

Per the latest Executive Order by Governor Doug Ducey, we are excited to announce that we will be returning to school on August 17, 2020.


School choice has been the cornerstone of Arizona education for over two decades and during that time parents have had the opportunity to choose the academic program that they believe is best suited to meet the needs of their student and family. We believe that providing school choice to parents and families is critical during these unprecedented times and that parents are in the best position to determine what is best and safest for their family.


The school year will begin on Monday, August 17, 2020 for all Leading Edge Academy schools. Following Governor Ducey’s Executive Order on Thursday, July 23rd, we are happy to announce that Leading Edge Academy is making preparations to offer both an in-person and a distance learning (online) option to begin the new school year. Additional guidelines are expected from the state of Arizona on or around August 7, 2020 that will provide guidance for an in-person opening. These guidelines will provide flexibility for our school leaders, with public health data and guidance, to be able to safely prepare for an in-person return. Once these guidelines are released, Leading Edge Academy will analyze them, along with the needs of our school community, and revisit and possibly revise our plan for a successful reopening of our schools. At this time, Leading Edge Academy will continue with current planning for an August 17th start for both in-person and distance learning options.


With that in mind, we strive to provide all of you with the information you need to make the choice best for your student and family. Below are the current highlights of each option (in-person and distance learning) as well as a link to our COVID-19 webpage where detailed documents and policies can be found. The COVID-19 webpage is updated regularly so please refer to it often for the latest information.


Please review this information, discuss with your family, and determine which option (in-person or distance learning) is best for you. In the coming days, you will be contacted by email and asked to provide your choice for the start of the 2020-21 school year. If you have not previously responded with your selection between in-person and distance learning or, if your choice has changed, please respond to this latest email with your choice no later than Friday, August 7, 2020.


Thank you again for your support of Leading Edge Academy and we are looking forward to a fantastic school year.


In-Person School Option

  • Target date to begin is August 17, 2020 (pending review of forthcoming guidelines from the state of Arizona on or before August 7, 2020.)
  • Parents will be required to sign a waiver of liability upon the return to in-person school and will be asked to certify that they will provide their student with a face covering and will screen their students for symptoms of illness before bringing them to school each day.
  • All staff and students will be temperature checked and assessed for symptoms each day upon arrival to school.
  • Anyone displaying symptoms will be sent home and must meet specific guidelines to return to school/work per the Leading Edge Academy COVID-19 Health Policy Addendum which was board approved on July 8, 2020. (Please see COVID-19 webpage for policy)
  • Face coverings (face masks and/or face shields) will be required for staff and students per Governor Ducey’s Executive Order 2020-51 on 7/23/20. Exceptions will be made for students when physical distancing can occur or when students are in playground settings with distancing. In addition, students will be provided breaks where their face covering can be removed in a safe environment.
  • The physical school environment will be organized to promote physical distancing. Signage will be utilized and classroom layouts will be modified to ensure that students are not facing one another and are physically distanced as much as possible.
  • Lunches will be delivered and eaten in classrooms to minimize the mixing of classes.
  • Recess schedules will be developed to allow for smaller groups and to minimize the mixing of classes.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting procedures will be intensified in all schools and high touch surfaces and playground equipment will be sanitized regularly. Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the school campus. Communication protocols will be utilized to effectively communicate any possible exposure to COVID-19 by students or staff. Any person reporting a positive COVID-19 test will be required to follow the guidelines set forth in the Leading Edge Academy COVID-19 Health Policy Addendum before returning to school/work.


Distance Learning Option

  • First day of school will be August 17, 2020
  • Students will continue to be enrolled in their brick and mortar school but will be utilizing a distance learning option.
  • Students will be working daily in the learning management system called SchoolsPLP or Lincoln Learning. This platform provides a rigorous curriculum aligned to Arizona state standards and will provide students with a consistent foundational program.
  • Students will also be working directly with teachers each day through the use of live virtual platforms such as Zoom or Google Meets. The live sessions will provide students with direct instruction and an opportunity to seek additional assistance as needed. Students will participate in a minimum of 2 live sessions each day. All live sessions will be recorded and may be viewed from the SchoolsPLP/Lincoln Learning platform at a later time.
  • Student attendance is required by law just as in the brick and mortar setting and will be taken each day. In order for students to be considered present for a full school day, they must be engaged in the SchoolsPLP/Lincoln Learning platform a minimum of 240 minutes each school day. Time spent working on assignments in the platform, participating in live whole group sessions, and participating in any small group additional support will count toward the 240 minute requirement.
  • Although a daily schedule will be provided by teachers for students to follow, attendance will be determined by completion of the 240 minute requirement regardless of whether or not a student adheres to the daily schedule.
  • This distance learning plan will provide students and parents more support and structure than the distance learning provided during the closing of schools in the spring 2020 while also providing them with the flexibility needed in a learning at home model

Thank you for your continued support of Leading Edge Academy.


– Lori Anderson
Executive Director

Last Updated 07/27/20

COVID-19 Additional Information



Dear Parents and Students,


We are aware that you may have many questions and concerns about COVID-19 and our updated education, cleaning and health policies. This is designed to be a “one stop” area for you to find direction and answers to your questions. We will update these items for you as much as deemed necessary. As always, if you need more information please do not hesitate to contact your school office.


Here are links to important documents for your review:




Distance Learning Option

We are looking forward to returning to school on Monday, August 17th. While we know many families are ready to return to their brick and mortar school, we recognize that there are families still facing challenges during this unprecedented time.


As a Network of schools, we will be offering a comprehensive distance learning platform to all students K-12, while retaining their “seat” at their brick and mortar school. Families with students enrolled at any Leading Edge Academy school are able to opt in to distance learning where students learn at home, while being provided with rigorous and consistent instruction.


Student courses and learning will be managed by Leading Edge Academy Online, our Fully Accredited online school and their rigorous learning platform. When you are ready for your student to return to their home campus, their seat will be waiting for them.

Families who choose this option will need to commit to the following:


  • Monitoring their students’ daily attendance on the online platform. Students will be required to login daily and complete daily assignments. 
  • Commit to online learning for the entire quarter, with the option to continue at the quarter break or return to the regular classroom.
  • Know that the online learning for the start of the school year will look different than the end of the year remote learning. The end of the year remote learning was highly suggested, but not mandatory. If you choose this option, online learning will be mandatory and attendance will be required.
  • Communicate with the Online Learning Coordinator as needed.


Leading Edge Academy is committed to student achievement and success and remains your partner in education.

Distance Learning FAQ

Will student(s) need to fill out enrollment forms for LEAO (Leading Edge Academy Online)?

No, your homeroom “seat” remains at your home campus. As long as you are enrolled at any Leading Edge Academy school, you may choose the online option for the 20-21 school year.

Who will be my child's teacher?

They will be assigned to a teacher at their home school but their online curriculum may be facilitated by a teacher from LEAO or the home school, depending on student load per grade level.

What is the curriculum?

The curriculum is through the publisher, Lincoln Learning and the online platform is called SchoolsPLP (Schools Personalized Learning Platform). Your student(s) will get all of the information for logging in, etc by August 14th and school will start on August 17th just like their peers.

How long can they stay enrolled in the online option?

We are asking families to commit to a quarter of online instruction at a time. The online option will be offered for the entire 20-21 school year.

How much will I (the parent) need to help my child? How long will school take each day?

You will need to make sure they have a quiet place to work, that they login daily and complete their assignments and help them communicate with their online teacher if needed. All of the work will be done at home. The requirement for full time attendance is that students work a minumum of 4 hours a day on their school work Monday through Friday.

Will attendance be taken and the work graded?

Yes, daily attendance will be checked and each subject area will be graded.

Now Enrolling Grades K-12 for Fall 2020