San Tan Curriculum


We use Saxon Math Series for our math curriculum. The program involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and consistently reviewing old concepts. These concepts are learned through oral drills, written practice sheets, and memorization of math facts.

Language Arts

We have implemented a language arts program called Reading Street. There is not a better nor more comprehensive language arts program available. Students are given instruction in reading, writing, literature, spelling, grammar and phonics, plus addressing science concepts and learning the importance of historical events and geographical concepts.


Students learn about science concepts with reading support at every turn, engage in experiments and other hands-on activities, and link the real world to the classroom. Physical, earth and biological sciences are taught.

History & Geography

Students learn the importance of historical events that have shaped the world. While the history and geography curriculum is in alignment with the Arizona State Standards, our social studies go beyond the standards to prepare students to be contributing and responsible citizens.

6 Traits of Good Writing

6 Traits of Good Writing is a scientifically-proven writing curriculum used for all grade levels. The model improves student writing and consists of six components: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

Computer Skills

Students participate in a weekly computer lab, learning basic keyboarding skills and developing word processing skills. Students learn how to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on Microsoft windows-based PCs.

Daily Homework

Daily homework is a vital part of the learning process at Leading Edge Academy, allowing students to review and reinforce what they have learned at school.

Field Trips

Fields trips are an integral part of the school curriculum and contribute to our educational goals. Field trips increase student interest and enhance the information that is being taught inside the classroom.

Poetry Contest & Spelling Bee

A yearly district-wide poetry contest is held in the fall, and a district-wide spelling bee is held in the winter. These events encourage memorization skills in students.


Our music curriculum includes the study of music theory, music from around the world, and musical performance. Students are given opportunities to sing, play recorders and glockenspiels, and yearly public presentations allow students to sing and play music in front of an audience.


Students experience a wide variety of art forms, including painting, drawing, print making, and ceramics/clay. Students also gain an appreciation of art history and famous artists, becoming exposed to the historical and social aspects of the visual arts.

Physical Education / Health

Each student participates in a structured physical education experience to promote good health. The program emphasizes the development of motor skills, physical fitness, and a physically active lifestyle.

Character Counts!

Character Counts! is a comprehensive curriculum designed to build positive character through six pillars: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. Students receive character instruction in the classroom, and a monthly assembly emphasizes one of the character pillars. At each assembly, two students from each class receives a “Student of the Month” award to acknowledge the student’s character.


Students are offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of after-school clubs, including chorus, homework help, sports (basketball), drama, and arts/crafts.


Extra help is available after school for students who may need assistance in the areas of reading and/or mathematics. All tutoring is done in small groups led by a Highly Qualified teacher.

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