Tech Problems?

To request repair or service you have the option calling the Helpdesk, emailing for support, or chatting! You can also visit the new Support Portal.


Support Portal Form:

A web-based portal for users to put in tickets has been setup and is available by clicking on this link: LEA Helpdesk Portal


Phone, IM, and Email Support:

Phone and Chat Support Hours are 7:30 AM – 3:45 PM on weekdays (holidays may affect this).

>>Call the LEAD Helpdesk at extension 611 while on campus or at 480-418-3673
>> Email
>> Chat support by clicking here.


To allow Remote Access technical support
>> Download LETechSupport (only after directed by Technicians)


COVID19 Specific Information


Useful Links and Downloads

>> Executive Director Letter to Staff 07/27/2020
>> Leading Edge Academy Roadmap to Reopen
>> COVID19 Health Policy
>> COVID19 Staff Waiver
>> COVID19 PTO/Sick Leave Policy
>> Distance Learning Plan Teacher Expectations
>> For other COVID19 updates and FAQ’s click the COVID19 link above.

>> Download Employee Handbook
>> Google (Gmail) Email Login
>> Google Drive (N: Drive) Tutorial Google Drive
>> LEA Online Instruction Information

Helpdesk Support Portal